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ALAKNANDA VAULTS (P) LTD. is a leading vault house in Delhi-NCR, offering locker and vault renting services. ALAKNANDA VAULTS has successfully attained its ambitious goal of assuming leadership in the physical security equipment business in the Indian capital thanks to its dynamic and market oriented customer service management. During its 33 years of existence in association with 16000+ clients, groups & corporates with a large number of multinationals and individuals in India and abroad, the company has succeeded in bringing out cutting edge technology, thus, introducing a number of “firsts” under its total concept approach in making available new products to its imperative and trustworthy customers. It is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company according to Quality Management System Standard (EQUALITAS-AUSTRALIA) & KVQA-Norway). ALAKNANDA VAULTS™ is one of the leading names in the business ever since its inception in 1987. Its glorious journey began in Alaknanda, New Delhi with a shining mission to serve the priceless security related needs of its customers and provide them with peace of mind while keeping their valuables safe and secure. With nine years of trustworthy service and a good customer response, the second branch came up in 1994 to serve its ever-growing customer base and thereafter, a third branch in the year 2001 at DLF PH-II, Gurugram.


The Company was founded by Late Shri. R.C. Anand who ventured into the domain of banking services. Over the past years the company has grown in strength by offering services which are highly personalized where you are not just a number or statistic but an integral part of this growing family.


We believe in offering complete security to our valued customer which is why ALAKNANDA VAULTS is fitted with the best of Godrej equipment for 100 % security. Each of the vault houses has a Steel Reinforced concrete wall of 3.5 ft thickness and a Godrej door of slab thickness 65 mm. making it unbreakably safe. Each vault has been heavily insured against natural calamities and each locker is fitted with dual control locks to make it burglar-proof. Facility of additional locks is provided at nominal costs.


We offer specially designed lockers & safes available in 18 different sizes which includes 5 types of safes, 3 types of fire resisting record cabinets and 10 different sizes of lockers.


The Company regularly updates the security modules with the finest products available in the market for eg. Steel Reinforced Walls, Infrared Sensors and 3D Human Tracking Sensors, 24*7 online security on Dedicated IP, Access Controlled Entry Doors etc.


ALAKNANDA VAULTS™ is fitted with best of Godrej equipment approved by Reserve Bank Of India for 100 % Security. Each of the vault house has a concrete wall of 3.5 ft thick. Thickness and a Godrej door of slab thickness 65 mm. making it totally secure. In addition, there is security all around the clock with armed guards,24x7 online alarm systems with dual controls , electromagnet doors , online cameras and infrared motion sensors and wall sensors. Each of these Vaults has been heavily insured against natural calamities. Each Locker is fitted with dual control locks to insure total security for the esteem customers. Facility of additional locks provided at nominal costs.

It is most important. Utmost secrecy is maintained about the locker holder.

In addition to specially designed lockers in 10 different sizes , the company also offers following products to meet specialized needs of its customers.

Burglar and Fire Resisting Record Cabinet (FRRC) :
  • Designed and constructed to resist and withstand a wide range of attack weapons, such as cutting disc, electric jack hammer, oxy - acetylene torch pneumatic or hydraulic jack and small charge of explosives.
  • Engineered to provide protection for office documents and computer printouts against fire.
  • Constructed with a double - walled body and a door of multi-bend construction fabricated from primary quality steel.
  • Adjustable shelves to meet your filing requirement.
Defender Safe :
  • For large organizations.
  • Three adjustable shelves ; Two drawers ; Two Godrej 8 - lever dual control locks.
  • Ideal storage for your high value documents & items with 100 % safety & security.
  • Cost effective security solutions for corporate storage.
Economical corporate storage cabinets :
  • Low cost storage for archaic (old) but useful documents.
  • Easy access to seldom used documents in one single Storage.

ALAKNANDA VAULTS™ aim not only to provide you total security but also at most convenience. Service is totally personalized where you are not just a number like a bank account. You just walk in and we are at your service. These lockers are open 7 days a week from 10 am to 7 pm and are at your service in total privacy.

You can choose the locker size that fits your requirement as every customer has a unique and specific requirement. ALAKNANDA VAULTS™ has specially designed Locker in 10 different sizes to meet your specific requirement, a facility not available in places like banks etc. ALAKNANDA VAULTS are totally air-conditioned and located in the heart of South Delhi and DLF Gurgaon. You have easy access to them any time you feel the need and are being managed by ex-banking professionals.

Customers visit their nearby branch of ALAKNANDA VAULTS and chooses the locker size that fits their requirement as every customer has a unique and specific requirement. ALAKNANDA VAULTS™ has specially designed lockers in 10 different sizes , 5 Type of Def. Safes, File Cabinet etc. to meet your specific requirement, a facility not available in places like banks etc. After choosing the locker, customer fills an agreement form which is between him and the company. The company takes the security amount from the customer in terms of money which is refundable at the time of surrender; "the security" is interest free.

The customer pays the yearly rent from the date of issuing the locker in advance. The rent and the security amount depends upon the size of the locker he chooses. Customer can take locker in joint name where in any of the two can operate and surrender locker.

If the customer does not want to give the security amount then he has to give rent minimum of five years which is not refundable.

In the agreement form customer specifies the nominee i.e. the person who can operate and surrender the locker only if the customer gives the right to his nominee, this condition holds both for the single as well as the joint locker holders. The person selected by the customer to be the nominee should be eligible as mentioned in the agreement form only.

Before surrendering the locker the customer has to give one month notice to the company for refund of security..

In 1987’ The foundation of ALAKNANDA VAULTS™ PVT. LTD. have been built on “TRUST” which helped us to conquer the relation with our valuable customers in Delhi, NCR, several parts of India and Abroad. The Key Features of the service which we provide are as under:

  • Our Vaults have a 65 mm Thick, Hammered Drill, Oxyacetylene Flame, Explosives, Fire, Burglary and Arc Cutting Proof Main Vault Door with dual control keys & combination lock.
  • Thick Steel Reinforced Walls make the strong room more secure
  • Entire area is equipped with Infrared sensors and 3D Motion Sensors
  • 24*7 online security on Dedicated Static IP
  • Bio-metric Access Control Entry Doors
  • Round the clock security by Armed Guards.
  • Each Locker has a double control lock system.
  • GODREJ "Renter's Own Lock" which is operative with only one Key, An additional security feature that can be availed at a one-time charge.
  • Centrally Air Conditioned Area for a Dust Free Environment.
  • Lockers & safes are available in 18 Different Sizes which includes 5 types of Safes, 3 types of fire resisting record cabinets and 10 different size of lockers
  • Ample Parking Space Available.
  • Conveniently Located Branches in the Delhi/Ncr.
  • Open 7 DAYS A WEEK.
  • Timings 10.00 HRS TO 19.00 HRS

Typically replies within an hour