Oxy-acetyl ene Flame Attack*

Godrej Defender Plus Safes can resist this rigorous attack.


Power Drill Attack*

The Unique design of every Godrej Defender Plus Safe offers extreme resistance to drilling.


Arc-cutting attack*

Intense arc-cutting attack is resisted by Godrej Defender Plus Safe.

* Please refer to the BIS table for the classification as per Indian Standards.

Fire resistance: heats the heat

ln addition to offering massive resistance against attacks by safe-breakers, .ont"nt, of Defender Plus Safes are protected from the heat of raging fires. The thickness, doubled by the Double-Duty Barrier compound which is fire & burglar resistant material in the Defender Plus Safes, is 63 mm for the door and 93 mm for the body, which offers protection that is unmatched by any other safe. Almost 25% more than many safes. Godrej Defender Plus (Class C') Safes have successfully withstood the one hour fire endurance test carried out by C.B.R.l., Roorkee, lndia. Defender Plus (Class 'C') Safes were tested according to the time-temperature curve as specified in standards lS0:834-1975 and lSO:380911979.

Attractive finish with more protection against rust

All steel components are given a thorough twelve-stage anti-corrosion treatment followed immediately by coats of rust-inhibiting paint for more protection. The smooth, scratch-free and lasting finish is achieved by coats of high quality quick drying paint. The body is finished in an attractive shade which blends well with any decor. This twelve-stage anti-corrosion treatment is unique to Godrej

Performance testing: the acid test

Godrej Defender Plus Safes are also available with the TL-30 label by Underwriters Laboratories, U.S.A. - the internationally recognized body for setting security standards.

ln case the users wish to purchase a model of Godrej Defender Plus range of Safes with lU.L. label, the same can be supplied at an extra cost. These safes will be fitted with U.L. certified imported 3-wheel combination lock, which is a prerequisite specified by Underwriters Laboratories, U.S.A.

Additionally, the higher category of Defender Plus Safes, on account of the unique design and the special properties of TDR Matrix Barrier, also offer resistance to attacks of oxyacetylene flame and arc-cutting. Banks, financial institutions and commercial establishments can now entrust their valuables to dependable protection offered by Godrej Defender Plus Safes.

To top it all, the Defender Plus Safes have the BIS License, the DGS&D Registration and are ISO 900r'20:rC and '14000 certified. All put together, an affirmation of Godrej's policy of consistent quality and protection of the environment.

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